Parents of 4 Children at Orangeville Christian Schoolsmiling

“Our family would recommend the Orangeville Christian School to any family that is looking for values centered education with a focus on the whole child. We have had very bad experiences at other schools in the area. One of our sons was badly bullied and had difficulty trusting people including teachers and had deep scars as a result.

The loving attention given by the whole staff at OCS and the focus on our son’s gifts has completely changed his demeanor and personality. He now has confidence and focuses on his strengths instead of his weaknesses. Our other children have also had a very positive experience at OCS. The staff is very dedicated to ensuring that all children receive a well rounded education that focuses on the gifts that each child has to offer.”


diggingParents of 5 Children Who Have Since Moved

“The first thing we loved about Orangeville Christian School was the positive, encouraging atmosphere. Immediately upon arrival, our children were welcomed warmly by other students and included in activities already in progress.

Over the years, we have been so thankful for the dedicated staff and the individual attention they give to their students. We so appreciate the Christ-centred curriculum and the emphasis upon growing the children up in Christian maturity. We are seeing our children grow not only in their abilities, but in their character, as well.

Orangeville Christian School provides a strong, nurturing educational environment for our children. It has been more than just a school for them – it is a place of community. Our children have built strong relationships with their teachers and peers and they have enjoyed rich experiences both within and beyond the traditional classroom. Our whole family has been blessed by this school!”


Parents of 2 Children at Orangeville Christian School, and 1 Graduatetools

“Enrolling our kids at O.C.S. has been one of the best decisions we have made! Academically, we’ve seen marks increase, in some cases by more than 20%! Our children have grown socially and spiritually too, and I believe the small classroom size lends itself to this great learning environment.

Orangeville Christian School is an environment where not only the students but also the parents become part of a larger family. We felt very welcomed by the caring staff and other parents in our first year at O.C.S. and it very quickly felt like home to us. There are also many volunteer opportunities, from behind the scenes with baking, or meeting with others for prayer, to helping out in the classroom or with individual students. Getting involved in the life of O.C.S. in various ways helps to make this school feel like your own. Becoming involved at O.C.S. has never been a chore or duty, it is a pleasure and a blessing!

I love how God is so evident throughout all the learning that takes place at O.C.S. From the monthly chapel times to the Christian perspective in the curriculum to the written prayer requests on the classroom boards, I know this school is set on the right foundation.

What a blessing to have your child genuinely thank you for putting them in Orangeville Christian School. We know we made the right choice!”


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Graduate of Orangeville Christian School, Class of 2011, Valedictorian

“OCS is definitely a great school. Because of the small number of students that attend, we all know each other and many of us are friends.  Having small classes has made the school a friendly and pleasant place to be….I hope that none of us will forget the many years of schooling we have had here at Orangeville Christian School and the lessons we have learned about God and how to follow him.”




Parents of 1 Child at Orangeville Christian School

“I often wonder what has made the difference.  Is it the teacher?  Is it the smaller school population?  Is it the culture of patience and acceptance that both the staff and the students live by?  Is it the Holy Spirit?  I believe the answer is yes.  Yes to all of these things.  Our son is not a new boy but he is a happy boy who feels like he fits in.  OCS has brought out some of the best in him.  I am tremendously grateful and certain that the decision to enroll him into OCS was the best decision we have made for him.


houseParents of 1 Child at Orangeville Christian School

Tonight was the Community Band concert and I just have to tell you how fabulous the night was!  Considering our son has a very serious learning disability, that sure was not one bit evident tonight!  Mr. Hahn, the OCS music instructor, is obviously incredibly gifted with musical talent but also has an abundance of patience and love for the kids. We are continually so thankful for OCS and how our son has greatly benefited for attending such a top notch school.”