As our present circumstances of social distancing and self-isolation continue, it is becoming more and more clear that things will not go back to normal. In fact, there is a general expectation that things will be very different in the future, and that the future will be the “new normal.”

So, the question facing us today is whether we want to let the new normal simply happen to us, or do we want to be intentional and proactive in shaping our new normal.

Most would agree that it is almost always preferable to be proactive rather than reactive. At Orangeville Christian School, our goal is not to get back to normal but to embrace new opportunities through innovative solutions and initiatives.

Let me provide one excellent example.

During normal times, Open Houses are scheduled the first Tuesday of every month from January to May. Personal school tours are provided to prospective parents and students are encouraged to join our classrooms. “Bring a Friend to School” days are also scheduled for students to enjoy a day at OCS with their friends.

Although parents and students cannot be physically present at the school at this time, we are taking advantage of this opportunity by allowing prospective families to virtually visit us online!

Providing a Virtual Open House is an excellent example of how we can be proactive, rather than reactive as we embrace the “new normal”.

Here are some of the reasons why we have added a Virtual Open House to our school website:

  1. A virtual open house will help prospective families become comfortable with our school. This is especially important for website visitors who may currently live out of the area and are looking to move into the region.
  2. Not every school website offers a virtual open house, so this allows our school to stand out online. Although some schools display pictures of their buildings, not all schools offer virtual, interactive tours. A virtual tour makes our school come alive and gives our website visitor a realistic idea of the layout and what they can expect.
  3. Our virtual open house highlights how our school is unique. Embedded in our online virtual open house are areas that make us special compared to other schools in the area.
  4. A virtual open house is more engaging than photos. Website visitors who view our school’s virtual open house are more likely to be engaged than if they were to only view a photo gallery. It allows them to picture themselves at the school. This may become the most interesting feature for potential students and parents!
  5. Displaying a virtual open house will present our school and website in a professional manner. Our virtual open house is high-quality, and that is what our families have come to expect at OCS.

This is just one of the exciting ways that we are striving to create our new normal. Using innovation to meet new challenges is being proactive rather than reactive. Maybe it is time to reacquaint your family with our school building by experiencing our virtual open house.

Follow the link below for an interactive journey you will not soon forget.

Take the Virtual Tour


Rick Schenk

Rick Schenk
Orangeville Christian School

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