Alignment of Curriculum

Orangeville Christian School (OCS) attributes excellence to the glory of God.


Orangeville Christian School (OCS) attributes excellence to the glory of God. This attribution requires continued awareness and improvement of teaching practices based on current research and curriculum that are in-line with the mission and vision of our school.

Orangeville Christian School - Alignment of Curriculum Our mission to nurture children through quality, Christ-centred learning within a caring environment supported by a dedicated, interdenominational community, is the lens through which OCS identifies and evaluates any curriculum and expectations we might consider with our goal to improve students’ learning.  OCS recognizes that no curriculum is value neutral and all of life finds its purpose and meaning in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This truth is the core of both our mission and vision, and therefore, any curriculum must be considered with this underlying truth at the forefront.

Any comprehensive curricular model, including those published by the Ontario Ministry of Education (OME), can provide structure and accountability and support the mission and vision of Orangeville Christian School.  In addition to being Christ-centred, OCS seeks to provide students with a balanced education. The OME recognizes the importance of a “balanced” or integrated approach for all students in all schools in Ontario. We recognize the efforts of professional educators to provide a comprehensive structure in the Ministry’s published curriculum documents.  The key to understanding our relationship with the OME’s documents is our position to align with the expectations set out by the OME, not to adopt them. Although this distinction may seem subtle, the importance of this difference must be recognized. Alignment requires deliberate and diligent effort as we seek to continually pursue rigorous school improvement by identifying curriculum that align with our mission and vision and that will best lead to instructional improvement and educational excellence for our students.

Orangeville Christian School - Christian School in OrangevilleEmbedded in our identity as a Christian school in Ontario is the understanding that our curriculum is infused with a Christian perspective and worldview.  We align ourselves with the expectations set out in the OME’s curriculum documents that clearly support our mission and vision. Those that conflict are rejected, replaced and/or revised.

Ongoing assessment, reflection and discernment of curriculum, expectations and students’ learning, help to ensure and guide best instruction for our students.  The process of reviewing curriculum is ongoing as we seek to make certain that they continue to reflect our mission, vision and Biblical worldview. Our desire is to continue to provide a distinctively Christian curriculum where students can confidently learn and grow in their knowledge, skills and in their relationship with God.

Orangeville Christian School aligns its curriculum and expectations with the Ontario Ministry of Education documents to:

  • Ensure a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Ensure comprehensive teaching of all subject areas.
  • Encourage gap and overlap analysis of the school’s curriculum.
  • Build the necessary knowledge and skills into student learning to prepare students with a “foundation for service in God’s world”.
  • Encourage higher-order thinking skills.
  • Provide consistency.
  • Guide best assessment practices.

Orangeville Christian School aligns its curriculum expectations with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum documents for each subject area, but does not universally adopt all materials outlined in these documents. Our reasons include the following:

  • The documents identify minimal competencies and knowledge. OCS is committed to provide learning opportunities that encourage our students to develop to their full potential and not be constrained by limits.
  • The OME breaks the expectations into “overall expectations” and “specific expectations” of a given subject, both of which may require more time to teach than the amount available to teachers. Teachers must analyze and discern the specific skills that are key to their students’ learning and development at each grade level. Aligning allows and empowers teachers to carefully analyze which expectations are most important for engaging and growing students in their “love for Christ and passion for learning.”
  • The expectations are not written from a Christian worldview. Alignment allows our school to add, subtract, reposition, and/or rewrite the expectations so they align with our mission and worldview which recognizes Christ’s work in creating and redeeming “all things” (John 1:3).

If you would like to review the Ontario Ministry of Education elementary curriculum documents by grades or subject area, follow the links below:

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Alyssa Edward
Alyssa Edward

Just left us a 5 star review

Alyssa Edward
February 22, 2023

OCS has been fantastic for our family and our children. Our kids are learning so much, and they feel safe in an amazing school environment.

Beth Amy
February 13, 2023

Our kids love OCS and we really appreciate how personable and community oriented the school is. Our son struggled with being behind in some classes and within a week of starting they had identified and set him up with an in school tutor and it made a massive difference.

Christine Kennedy
February 12, 2023

We are thrilled with OCS. The environment, the classroom, the content, and the experiences they provide demonstrate a deep care and love for each and every student. Truly so thankful for how they are equipping and building up the next generation.

Becky Prins
February 10, 2023

We feel incredibly blessed to have an option like OCS for our children to attend! Teachers are amazing, and while always striving to provide excellent academic challenges and incorporate new experiences, they also actually care about my kids. They encourage, correct, and connect with love and intentionality. The facilities are awesome as well and we are especially excited about this year's school play! Thank you for all you do OCS!

Julia G
February 10, 2023

OCS is everything a school should be, and so much more. Their priority is the wellbeing of the students and this is evident in how the students are nurtured and cared for. OCS offers rich programming and curriculum to ensure that the needs of all students are met. The educators are extremely knowledgeable and work tirelessly for the benefit of all students. I am impressed daily by how happy my daughter is to attend school and the depth of knowledge and quality of work that she brings home. OCS is not only preparing students to be higher level thinkers and problem solvers, it is instilling core values of kindess and empathy within it's students. I cannot imagine a better place for my daughter to embark on her educational journey.

Cheryl Birch
February 9, 2023

We have had students enrolled at OCS from 2015 to 2023. Every single year we have been so thankful to have fabulous and approachable teachers. We're so appreciative of the affirmation of identity and God's love that our kids receive at OCS. We have found the math curriculum and individual monitoring of academic progress to be much improved at OCS from what we experienced in the public school system. The sports and music programs are excellent. We have greatly enjoyed the love of reading developed by the Battle of the Books club, and other initiatives at OCS, that we feel have given our kids an advantage in their preparation for high school.

Wayne Johnson
February 9, 2023

We, as a family, had no problem posting a review for OCS!!! Our journey there began in September/2014 when our grandson was enrolled in JK. His experience there was positive in every aspect…academically, socially and spiritually. Eventually, Wayne began working there in a maintenance position and Judy as both an EA and supply teacher. Although we have both retired, Wayne continues to volunteer on the maintenance committee and Judy as supply. We plan to continue supporting OCS to the best of our abilities in the future!!!

February 9, 2023
Suzy Koolen
February 9, 2023

My daughter loves OCS. The staff and fellow students have been very welcoming as she joined half way through the year. My daughter is finally receiving a quality education. Highly recommend!

Steve Koolen
February 9, 2023

Very friendly and welcoming staff and students. Small class sizes for better learning. My daughter was miserable at her old school, and is now back to her happy self at Orangeville Christian School.

Erika F
February 9, 2023

OCS has been incredible for our 3 children who started this year. I couldn’t be happier with our experience. The teachers are caring and attentive and take the time to get to know each student individually. The academic program has been challenging and rewarding and we have seen so much growth in all our children. The environment feels safe and is community based and the school offers a wide range of activities for the children and their families. Overall, I am extremely impressed by the commitment to excellence that is evident at this school and would highly recommend it to other parents.

Robyn Johnstone
October 7, 2020

OCS is more than just a school, it is a community and a family where parents truly are partners in the education of their children! We feel truly blessed to have our two children here! The teachers are amazing and the facility itself is top notch!

Sunny G
February 7, 2020
Skye W
April 11, 2019

Been here, great place. I recommend it.

December 1, 2017
Jackie Tucker
September 13, 2017

Great school, teachers very intuitive of the students, great one on one time.

Siobhan Bell
August 12, 2017

Excellent teachers, caring and supportive school family. Top notch academics!

Reg Walker
April 19, 2017

Great facilities