Learning Resource Program

The Learning Resource Program (LRP) seeks to enable all students to meaningfully participate and access curriculum as they develop God-given gifts for His service and further education.

Learning Resource Program

At Orangeville Christian School (OCS), every student is believed to be an image-bearer of our God; uniquely created for His glory. The Learning Resource Program (LRP) seeks to enable all students to meaningfully participate and access curriculum as they develop God-given gifts for His service and further education.

Orangeville Christian School - Learning Resource Program-IThe Learning Resource Program at OCS embodies the framework of Response to Intervention (RTI) to support students. RTI is a multi-tier approach that recognizes the importance of early identification and support of students with learning and behaviour needs using increasing levels of intensity (Howard, 2009). RTI in not a specific program, but rather a framework, with intent to provide a rich process, underscored by a responsive attitude towards the individual needs of each student.

The essential components to RTI include: high-quality classroom instruction (e.g., Literacy Place, JUMP Math), ongoing student monitoring and assessment (e.g., DRA, Reading a-z, Ontario Writing Assessment), tiered instruction and intervention (e.g., Levelled Literacy Intervention) and parental involvement and support (Buffman, Mattos & Weber, 2009).

Learning Resource Teachers’ (LRT) role at Orangeville Christian School is collaborative, pro-active, data-informed and research-driven. The LRT role provides support to teachers, students and parents. We firmly believe that we do our best work when we work together as a team, sharing our experience and expertise in order to best help students. Within the RTI framework, LRTs and classroom teachers collaboratively work together to respond to the individual needs of each student. As intensity of support increases, LRTs may provide both in-class and “pull-out” assistance and/or intervention depending on the individual needs of each student.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed for students for whom access to learning the curriculum requires the provision of specific environmental, instructional and evaluational accommodations and/or modifications to the amount or level of curriculum expectations (e.g., working outside of grade level expectations). These plans also identify and outline the specific strengths and areas of need for the student.

Jenny Bakker

Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT)

God has blessed me with a deep passion for teaching and instilling a love for learning in every child. I have a strong desire to see every child succeed. In order to do this, I am continually learning through reading, professional development training and working towards a Master’s Degree in Developmental Reading. I have had the opportunity to teach many different ages and in many different places. I spent three years teaching High School students and adults in Romania, two and half years teaching University of Waterloo students English at Conestoga College, and have taught Kindergarten and Grade 1/2 students here at OCS.

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