Extended Kindergarten

The Extended Kindergarten program was introduced to further develop skills and concepts already being taught in the kindergarten classes.

Extended Kindergarten

The Extended Kindergarten Program provides a play based learning curriculum for students who attend on alternate days from the regular Junior and Senior Kindergarten programs. The program was introduced to further develop skills and concepts already being taught in the kindergarten classes.
During the course of each day, students focus on establishing social skills like taking turns,
problem solving, respect for self and others, etc.

Students’ ideas, imagination, creativity and interests are encouraged in an environment that supports their well-being and ability to learn. They will explore, investigate, solve problems, manipulate and experiment with different objects and materials such as blocks, playdough and paint. As they build, create, explore, wonder and ask questions, they will be actively exploring their environment through play. They will also be encouraged to share their ideas and learning with others.

Both indoors and outdoors, students will be given open ended materials that provide them with choices and challenges. The teacher will document children’s experiences and learning making their learning visible to parents, educators and children throughout the room.

Any other areas that need attention are discussed at monthly team teacher meetings and are added to the curriculum. Our hope is to ensure that every day at school is a new adventure and that we foster your child’s love for learning.

Every part of the day has a focus on God and his creation. With daily devotions, special prayer and Bible stories, many insightful conversations unfold. When there is a special interest in a certain topic, further exploration is always encouraged and facilitated.

If you would like more details about our Extended Kindergarten Program, please contact the school office.

Laura Moyer

Extended Kindergarten Teacher (RECE)

I’ve had the immense privilege of working and volunteering with young children of various ages in different settings for over 15 years. Because children are learning and growing at a rapid rate, these early years are a fantastic opportunity to foster their desire to discover themselves and all about God’s world around them. I feel blessed to be a part of the Orangeville Christian School Kindergarten program, and I look forward to providing a rich learning environment full of experiences where our children can learn and grow.
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