Grade 1 & 2

Students enjoy a healthy challenge, which enables them to become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses as a learner.

Grade 1 & 2

Grades 1 and 2 are exciting years for our students as they continue to grow as learners.

Students are immersed in a literacy-rich environment to foster their language skills. Students practice reading, phonics, spelling, and writing activities that reflect their individual interests and abilities. This framework is used throughout the primary grades and allows all students’ instruction to be differentiated.

Students enjoy a healthy challenge, which enables them to become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses as a learner. At this particular age, students are learning to move away from an egocentric outlook to an awareness of God’s world as it functions beyond their direct experiences.

Homework is minimal in Grades 1 and 2. It often consists of reading together at home, practicing high frequency words, and learning an important Bible verse throughout the week. Classroom meetings occur twice per day to provide students with the opportunity to further develop their oral communication skills while exchanging ideas, learning, and feelings in a respectful, caring atmosphere.

Students learn to appreciate God’s incredible creation in Science as they explore life systems, structures and mechanics, matter and energy, and earth and space systems. Changing roles and responsibilities and the local and global communities are investigated in Social Studies.


Meredith Dykstra

Meredith Dykstra


I remember going to my youngest sister’s kindergarten open house “looking for teaching ideas.” I was 11 at the time! I’m still always looking for new ideas and ways to share the excitement of learning. For the past 25 years, I have taught here in Ontario, as well as in Nigeria and Indonesia. Where I taught made little difference, for in all learning communities, we were called to put Christ at the centre of all things. And what I taught cannot be separated from who I taught. I’ve been richly blessed by my students – each unique – each created by God and loved by Him. Together we have shared, and continue to share, in a learning journey that helps prepare each student academically for life in this world as well as intentionally guiding each one to develop discernment and hearts geared for service.

Samantha Boschman

Samantha Boschman


I loved being a student so it seemed fitting that I would one day choose to stay in the school environment by becoming a teacher myself. I graduated from Liberty University’s Concurrent Education Program with a specialty in Social Studies and a minor in American History. I am passionate about learning and not just the academics but also the social, emotional and spiritual development of each student. I am very excited to explore the academic world through a Christ-centred lens with the students in my class!

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