The celebration of Good Friday and Easter Monday are always a highlight of the Christian school calendar. Although we reflect upon the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ everyday, it is especially significant to take the time to reflect as a school community on the importance of the cross in education.

An ACSI pamphlet written by Roy W. Lowrie Jr. entitled; “The Importance of the Cross in Education” highlights the significance of the cross in relation to our activities at Orangeville Christian School. The teaching of the cross is foolishness to many teachers and administrators. Secular educators feel the message of the cross is too simplistic and absolute. Final absolute truths are unacceptable within the framework of academic freedom. Secular educators also believe the teaching of the cross is foolishness because it asserts that man is a sinner. To admit that man is sinful in his basic nature rather than good destroys the great Messianic hope of North American educators – the belief that society’s ills can be cured by more of the “right” education. Educators who do not believe that man is a sinner believe that the need for the Saviour is foolishness.

In sharp contrast, the teaching of the cross is not foolishness to educators who have been born again. They experience the cross as the power of God and as the wisdom of God. These educators lead students to receive Christ and they encourage students to walk in the way of the Lord, obedient to the Scriptures. They give a sound academic education from the wisdom of the biblical viewpoint rather than from the humanistic viewpoint. They try to be godly examples to their students.

Two questions seem reasonable in conclusion. Which educators are teaching the truth? Should educators who teach the truth teach our children; or educators who believe that the truth is foolishness?


Rick Schenk

Rick Schenk
Orangeville Christian School

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