OCS Kids Tell All

We love our students at Orangeville Christian School. But sometimes they don’t hold back. The truth has finally been exposed and we have the video proof.

Reading Buddies

Once a week, our junior and intermediate students read to their “buddies” in the kindergarten and primary grades.  Students in grades 7&8 read to students in grades 1&2 and students in grades 5&6 read to our kindergarten students.

Very special relationships are established during these reading periods.  These relationships continue in the hallways, on the playground and even extend beyond graduation. 



What books does Darian like to read 0:11


Joshua has Reading Buddies down to an art 0:17


Reading Buddies can be quite competitive 0:29


Julianna’s reading buddies wants her to be… 0:25


Who is Matthew’s reading buddy? 0:23

The Staff of OCS (Our Principal & Teachers)

Our principal, Rick Schenk, is passionate about glorifying and enjoying God in every area of his life.  For twenty four years, he has pursued excellence in Christian education both as a teacher and administrator. He thoroughly enjoys interacting with students in the classroom, gym and especially at recess times. Rick is looking forward to serving God by providing experienced leadership to Orangeville Christian School. Hear what our students have to say about our principal.

Since the school’s inception in 1979, there have been many changes. The one factor that remains the same is that the school has caring and fully certified teachers that have a passion for learning and for weaving their personal faith into the way they teach and the way they reach each individual child. Here, the students voice their opinions on their teachers.


Ms. Gronfors, Grade 1/2 Teacher 0:14


Mrs. VanDyk, Grade 8 Teacher 0:26


Mrs. Dykstra, Grade 3/4 Teacher 0:10


Ms. Dykstra, Grade 3/4 Teacher 0:10


Is our principal really…0:22


You won’t believe what Joshua thinks about our principal…0:11


Listen to Miki describe our principal 0:21

Recess at OCS

The school day at OCS includes three instructional blocks and two nutrition breaks.  Instead of two recesses and a lunch, our “Balanced School Day” groups the two recesses into one nutritional break and the traditional lunch becomes the second nutrition break. 

The nutritional breaks include recesses. The breaks are longer than regular recess which allows for longer play time and potential for extra-curricular activities to be offered during the school day.


Darian likes to be creative at recess 0:10


What Blayke likes to do at recess 0:13


Recess can also be very rewarding 0:10


Recess in Roxie’s mind 0:17


What Julianna really likes at recess 0:20


What does Kyle like to do at recess 0:08


What does Matthew really do at recess? 0:09


Is there a schedule to Noami’s recess 0:09


Miki plays what at recess? 0:09

Why do they choose OCS

Parents partner with OCS because they want to foster in their children a love of God, a love of learning, and a love of others.  OCS is a vibrant place where children are educated with Christian values in a private school environment. Hear why our students like OCS.



Hear Darian on why he likes OCS 0:18


What does Alexia focus on most at OCS? 0:14


See what Matthew really thinks of the people at OCS 0:12


Naomi’s mom has hopes 0:09


How many things do you do at OCS? 0:09


What does Miki like about OCS 0:20


What does Matthew think of the teachers 0:15


Tali describes the teachers of OCS? 0:12

Morning Meetings at OCS

A morning meeting is an engaging way to start each day, build a strong sense of community, and set children up for success socially and academically. Hear what our students say about their morning meetings at OCS. To learn more about Morning Meetings at OCS, download our eBook.


Joshua recounts his morning routine 0:22


Julianna describes morning meetings at OCS  0:41


Mornings are busy at OCS. Hear what Alexia has to say 0:41


What Ms. Gronfors does every day 0:15


What does Matthew’s class do every morning? 0:09


Kyle describes what morning meetings are 0:21

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