Become a Member of OCS

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Orangeville Christian School Society.

Become a Member at OCS

Becoming a member of OCS entitles you to the following:


acknowledgement of membership


the privilege to serve on a committee or the Board


receive a notice and agenda for membership meetings 10 days prior to meetings


attend, speak and vote at membership meetings

Membership Application is a 3-Step Process

Why should we choose OCS?

A shared vision of Christian education draws parents to partner with Orangeville Christian School. Our commitment to pursue excellence in education for the glory of God (Col. 3:23) can be best described as “kingdom-class”. A kingdom-class Christian school seeks to educate both the mind and soul, so that students’ lives are transformed, others are served, and God is glorified.

Our prayer for all our students is that they become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Becoming a faithful disciple begins with a personal response to God’s plan of redemption, the development of a personal relationship with God, and is expressed through a Christ-like character. Cultivating Christian character and culture is essential to promoting a life of servant leadership. We are privileged and honoured that you have partnered with us as we pursue excellence and kingdom-class education for the glory of God.

Do you know of families that are searching for a Christian school committed to pursuing excellence for the glory of God? Be sure to speak to them about OCS. Your discussion will have eternal consequences.

Complete Questionnaire + Letter of Reference
Initially, prospective member(s) are required to complete a confidential questionnaire. The questionnaire can either be completed online using the form below. Or the questionnaire can be completed in a written fashion.

Applicants will also be required to submit a letter of reference from your current place of worship with details of their involvement and/or attendance to that ministry. This letter should be provided by a pastor/minister/clergy from your church, and can be either submitted online once the questionnaire is completed or physically to the OCS front office, addressed to the “OCS Membership Committee”.

Review Process
After this first step is completed, the membership committee will review the provided information and connect with the prospective member(s) to set up a short interview which will be conducted at a time convenient for all parties.
OCS Board Review
With the completion of these first two steps, the membership committee then presents to the board for final approval of the prospective members.

The Membership Committee will provide the applicants with details/status of their application, as well as potential options if acceptance to membership has been denied.

Each OCS family can be represented by one vote during membership meetings. If the OCS family is supported by parents from two different family units, and those parents choose to vote as independent from each other, both may be allowed to represent one separate vote during membership meetings. It is the intent of this application process, to require each parent who wishes to have voting privileges for the family unit to complete the application form.

Complete Questionnaire

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