Selected excerpts and general ideas from an article written by John Kelly from the Washington Post

If you can read this, thank a teacher.

If you can calculate a 15 percent tip, thank a teacher.

If you can speak intelligently about the government of Canada or understand the passé compose or figure out your favourite Sudoku, thank a teacher.

Thank a teacher, because you weren’t born knowing this stuff.

We don’t really thank teachers enough, do we? And yet I can’t think of people more vital to our future. You might be sitting in your office right now, directing your employees how to complete their tasks. You might be in an operating room, performing surgery. You might be doing something really, really important, but I have news for you: What you’re doing isn’t as important – as sacred, as noble – as teaching a child.
Or as hard. Can you imagine standing in front of 25 or 30 kids all day, every day? And not just standing in front of them, but teaching them, molding their malleable little brains.

The last week and a half is upon us. I have something to say to the teachers at Orangeville Christian School – and to my own elementary, secondary, and university teachers.

Thank you.

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