Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Welcome to another great year at Orangeville Christian School! You have joined a community of families who are striving towards a common goal: to bring the best quality education in an environment that fosters individuality, creativity, strength of character and most importantly, Christian values.

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Dear Parents,

We have an exciting year ahead with many opportunities for you to become involved. In order to keep tuition costs down, there is an expectation for families to commit to a given number of hours depending on your family’s category as shown below.

To make it a little easier for families and the school to plan, we request that you select from the sample list where you are willing to serve based on your giftedness. We may not necessarily do all the events listed or there may be other events that come up as the year progresses, but this gives a general idea.

All families are asked to track their own volunteer hours and submit them in June. If the requirement has not been met, we will deduct the remaining balance on July 15, 2023 Pre-Authorized Payment

Volunteer Opportunities

Please fill out this form on or before the first day of school. 

Family Category Hours Total
Full time family 40 hours x $22.50/hour $900.00
- Part time family or
- Family with children in Christian High School or
- Single parent family
30 hours x $22.50/hour $675.00

May we call you for this?



Areas of giftedness that we are looking for

Painting, repairs, or maintenance

As needed

Do you have a pick-up truck? 

Are you handy with tools? Can you fix things? Do you like to paint?



Do you like to garden, pulling weeds, pruning, and deadheading flowers?

Finance Committee


Do you have a financial background? Do you have a good business sense?

Golf Tournament

Meet approx. a few times a year.

Are you organized? Do you have connections in the community? Do you know people who golf?

Back to School BBQ

Wed. Sept. 8, 2021

Do you love to cook on the BBQ or set up/clean up picnic events?

Pie Baking Bee

2 days before Thanksgiving weekend

Do you love to work in the kitchen? Do you love to meet other parents & supporters and work side by side with them in an informal setting?

Fund Drive Campaign


Do you have a pleasant telephone personality? Are you available to make phone calls from home?

Office Assistance

1-2 hours/week and/or as needed

Do you enjoy working in the office, answering phones and greeting people? Would you be interested in volunteering for 1-2 hours per week to help out with answering phones and sitting at the front desk? Are you available for supply if our office staff are not able to make it in?

Battle of the Books


Do you love reading? Would you be able to make up sample questions for our students? Do you have the gift of coaching?

Grandparents Day


Can you cook a pot of soup? Do you have the gift of service, helping in the kitchen behind the scenes? Do you have an outgoing personality to make our grandparents feel welcome?

Track & Field Day

One day in May

Do you love sports? Do you have the gift of encouragement? Do you like to be outdoors?

Yard Sale

Friday & Sat in May

Can you set up on Fri. during the day, or clean up after the sale on Sat afternoon? Can you help at the sale on a Friday evening or Sat morning in May?

Field Trip Driver

As needed

Do you have a van and proof of insurance? Do you like to travel to new places? Do you like to go on special events with your kids?



Do you enjoy organizing events and fundraisers?  Do you have unique ideas to add to this event?  Are you interested in helping out on the day of the event?

Drama Leader

Help for the Musical

Do you have a gift for drama and acting, or working with kids that do?

Prayer Circle

Tuesdays 9-9:30am

Do you have the gift of intercession?

Resource Helper

As needed

Do you love children? Can you work one on one with children under the direction of the teacher?

Sports Team Assistance


Are you gifted in a particular sport that you could help our teams with?



Do you like organizing books?

Bulletin Boards


Are you creative? Do you enjoy designing bulletin boards?  

Digital Photo Archiving


Do you enjoy organizing information on Google Drive?



Do you enjoy making photo books? Are you creative?

Washing School Uniforms / Tablecloths

As needed

Do you enjoy doing laundry?

Lining the soccer fields

Fall and Spring

Do you understand how to line a soccer field? Would you be willing to do this in the spring and the fall so that the students can play on an actual field?

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