The students and staff at Orangeville Christian School continue to marvel at God’s “showers of blessing” to our school community.

The well-known saying, “April showers bring May flowers” can also be applied to the exceptional growth we are experiencing for the upcoming school year. God is directing more and more families to join OCS, and our Board of Directors has already officially welcomed eighteen new families, including thirty-nine new students, to join us in September 2021 – and it is only the end of April! To date, this brings our total number of families to 96 and our student enrolment to 186 for the 2021-22 school year.

As our school continues to grow, planning for next year and beyond is well underway. Options for next year include renovations to our current school building or renting instructional space in our local community. As always, our plans will be guided by our mission “to nurture our students through quality, Christ-centred learning within a caring environment”.

Our plans for the future will be guided by our vision “to achieve growth by providing children with excellent innovative programs by partnering with our local communities”. Due to the fact that our school community is growing, and over 20 years have passed since OCS launched a capital campaign, many in our community are convinced it is time to launch another one.

A successful capital campaign is a result of careful planning, qualifying data and consultation with the appropriate experts. The best tool to plan for a capital campaign is a Feasibility Planning Study that will ensure that we are heading in the right direction for success.

A Feasibility Planning Study will determine our community’s understanding and buy-in of what we are proposing to do, the available leadership, the capacity to give, and the best overall timing for a campaign launch. It will identify potential donors and volunteers, funding opportunities and gifts-in-kind, as well as other possible partnerships. It will review past fundraising endeavours, identify our strengths and opportunities to build upon, and address any challenges we may encounter along the way. In the end, a comprehensive study will provide us with a clear roadmap and realistic expectations to guide a campaign.

We are blessed to have the services of Influencing Generations for Christ
(IGC), a firm specializing in supporting independent schools, to undertake a Feasibility Planning Study of a proposed expansion project. Shaun Alspach and Rob Waller have already been blessed by meeting online with many of our school supporters, and now, an online survey is being shared with many more people from our school community. The information and insight gathered from these sources will be reflected in the Feasibility Planning Study Report that will be presented to the Board of Directors at their May meeting.

Please continue to pray for God’s “showers of blessing” and for wisdom as we consider the results of the Feasibility Planning Study.

We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to participate in planning for the future of our school.


Rick Schenk

Rick Schenk
Orangeville Christian School

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