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The value of an outside perspective is difficult to quantify, but invariably it becomes the most indispensable aspect to any building project. As architects, we are trained to see things from a different view. The intent is that our unbiased insight combined with experience on other projects leads to a design that exceeds a clients’ expectations and ensures the building becomes an effective tool – in the case of a school, an effective tool for learning.

At D+H Architects Inc. (formerly Dickinson + Hicks Architects Inc.) our firm is organized so the principal partners maintain a direct connection and on-going relationship with the client. Not only do they engage with clients at meetings, but they are also intimately involved in the workflow of their project on a day-to-day basis.  It is critical to have a strong partner-client link that results in effective communication and subsequently a successful project. Our goal is to ensure the needs of the client become a reality in their new facility. As it pertains to “perspective”, our goal is to ensure our insight provides indispensable value to the final product.

Kings Christian Collegiate Gymnasium

Kings Christian Collegiate Gymnasium

We are a long-established architectural firm providing prime consultant services predominantly for places of worship, senior’s housing and education clients. Our vision is “to inspire human experience through architectural excellence”. So, it is our passion that we use our perspective not only to inspire those on the school design committees, but the teachers and students that attend school each day.

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