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Hayley & Robinson

If you appreciate the strong community feeling and Christ-centred education you get at Orangeville Christian School, we hope you’ll consider making TDChristian High School the next step for your son or daughter!

Choosing the right high school is important. You want your child to be known, to be valued, and to have many opportunities to grow–whether that’s in a classroom or in a club, on a sports team or on a service trip.

You want them to be in a safe and friendly atmosphere where they can learn more about God’s world and their place in it. And finally, you want them to be ready for what comes after high school… whatever that might be.

We are passionate about all of the above at TDChristian. As soon as you walk through the doors, you’ll feel it; this is a place where you belong.

OCS Corporate Sponsorship

TDChristian High School

We’d love to tell you more about our caring teachers, our unique programs, our amazing facilities, and why it’s so worth the bus ride (included in the tuition of course!) from Orangeville.

Learn more at tdchristian.ca, come to an open house, or email us any questions at admissions@tdchristian.ca.

Website: https://www.tdchristian.ca/

TDChristian High School
Address: 377 Woodbridge Avenue, Woodbridge
Phone: (905)851-1772

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