Bullying is wrong. Period.
Teaching Our Kids Not to Be Bystanders to Bullying
It is never “okay”. But it does happen and each one of us is responsible for how we respond.

In an excerpt from his book, The Bullying Breakthrough, Jonathan McKee defines a bystander as someone who watches and does nothing. The problem is that bystanders hurt others just the same. It’s a sin of omission. Bystanders know they should probably do something, but they don’t.

Jonathan McKee believes bystanders don’t need to do what their name implies: stand by. They can stand up and do something. In fact, he argues that we can help our kids truly make a bullying breakthrough by teaching them the 5 Rs:

  1. Recognize the effects of bullying. Many bystanders have never paused to think through the ramifications of laughing at someone, teasing them … or watching and doing nothing.
  2. Realize you can make a huge impact. One kid can make a huge difference. Really. Just one.
  3. Resolve not to bully others. Compassion with action is nothing. Resolve is the decision to take actions.
  4. Refuse to join in. Bullies thrive on attention and affirmation. Give them neither.
  5. Bystanders must learn to avoid:

    • Laughing at jokes at the expense of others.
    • Listening to rumors, gossip, or hate speech from anyone.
    • Physically standing with a group that is mocking or gossiping about other.

    If bullies don’t receive any affirmation or attention, they’ll usually stop.

  6. Reach out to someone who is hurting or alone. It’s amazing what simple acts of kindness can do.

Please share the 5 Rs with your son or daughter. We can all make a difference at OCS if we choose to “stand up” and not “stand by.”

If you would like to read more, the entire excerpt can be found at the link below:


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